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7/2 - 2022
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Skate and vintage shop Rapsfield and hjälp en hemlös  have started a collaboration


The skate and vintage shop Rapsfield in Malmö, Sweden has started a collaboration with the Malmö project Help a Homeless.  Hjälpenhemlö takes help from local businesses and the private sectors to collect various types of resources which are then shared with the homeless and persons in need around Malmö via a cargo-bike.


- We deal with large quantity of vintage clothing and receive many high-quality garments that are both stylish and warm but are not in line with Rapsfield's profile.  With our collaboration with Help a Homeless, we get the opportunity to give back to the city & the garments a new life for someone else in a solidary and environmentally friendly way, says Anton at Rapsfield.


The type of garment that Rapsfield puts away must of course be whole and clean and is often warm, it can be clothing like fleece or padded flannels.  At regular intervals, Johannes comes by with his bicycle and picks up the clothes and takes them further into the chain where they end up with a homeless or vulnerable person in Malmö.



- It feels a natural way for us to help other people. There are people who need clothes and can not afford to buy them and we are in a position where we can make an effort to help them.  It feels good to be able to help people who needs it and we hope to be able to continue with it in the future, says Oski.

Homelessness can happen to anyone and there is a great need in Malmö, especially when it is cold outside.  At the same time as you want to be warm, you want to look presentable, a collaboration like this one with Rapsfield is perfect for us and really makes a difference, says CEO and initiator Johannes Bathily from Hjälp en hemlös (Help a Homeless).

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