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Rapsfield is a selective vintage and skateboard shop located in Malmö, Sweden

founded by two friends, world champion skateboarder Oskar Rozenberg and vintage clothing expert Anton Fernberg. The two Malmö natives have had deep passion for both skateboarding and fashion since a young age but it wasn’t until 2021 they decided to take the big step witch would become Rapsfield.


Their long discussed dream of creating a vintage clothing mixed with skateboarding business model was fueled by the motivation which had came from organizing a week long charity pop-up shop the previous year which turned out to be a success. Further motivating them to follow their dream of opening Raps.


Rapsfield aims to fill a void witch is proper distribution of rare, sought after vintage clothing pieces in the south of Sweden. Through this website, we’re also devoted to holding a standard witch will appeal to experienced vintage enthusiasts internationally


With Rapsfield being a product of Malmos unique and blooming skate scene, another aim is to work closely with Bryggeriet Organization and the city of Malmö as well as Mitt Möllan to contribute to the ever growing skateboard culture by supporting & hosting events, contests and putting up for our team and skateboarders in Malmö

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Rapsfield Co
Claesgatan 8, 214 26
Malmö, Sweden
Mitt i möllan
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